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IMPRESIND offers a large selection of heating/cooling products and solutions, designed and created to fulfil any necessity of climate control in industrial and public premises.
An organised network of highly qualified distributors in many countries is available to give the best and most economical solution to the customer, always keeping in mind low consumptions and environment awareness.
IMPRESIND?s research & development department are always studying innovative products and solutions for the customers, with the main aim to reduce energy consumption and low emissions into the atmosphere.
All products manufactured are conform to the Community Directives and relative Technical Norms, this is assured by CE Certifications and the Declarations of Conformity released byIMPRESIND for each product.
IMPRESIND manufactures ?direct gas heating appliances?, ?heat recovery air mixing system? and ?coolers?. All manufacturing is MADE in ITALY with the use of the latest technologies and qualified personnel, to grant a very high level of quality.
IMPRESIND can analyze the thermal needs, payback of investment, feasibility study, design of the system, with the use of special and powerful calculating software. Installation, start-up and maintenance are granted by the qualified network of distributors, that together with experience have a continuous update through training. 

IMPRESIND is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Moreover?IMPRESIND pays particular attention to the choice of materials used; in fact it was no coincidence that is was the first company to create frames and body structure with the best plastic materials and with the latest die-cast techniques.


Some processes and construction details are covered by IMPRESIND?s patents, this grants the supply of exclusive products that have high quality standards not obtainable by others.