Why is evaporative cooling the ideal solution to improve the working environment in an industrial building.

Evaporative cooling

Why is evaporative cooling the ideal solution to improve the working environment in an industrial building.

The issue

Building micro-climate

Inside a large building, for example an industrial one, a hardly acceptable environment creates for the workers during the hot seasons.

The heat created by process machinery, lighting and other structures inside the building that, when they are hit by the sun, transmit to the inside air a high thermal energy, create an uncomfortable environment inside the building.

Furthermore, very often, there is a lack of necessary air changes to evacuate the stale air in the premises this environment can be harmful to the health of the workers.

Safety, health and productivity

Unhealthy working conditions created by high temperatures inside the industrial building can cause heat stress, that begins to be effective with temperatures over 27°C. This creates:


  • low Morale, lateness and absenteeism
  • reduced attention to safety, increase of injuries
  • potential Health Issues
  • productivity reduction, lower productivity quality

It has been demonstrated by various researches that excessive heat can affect the workers performance both in productivity and accuracy as reported by NASA research:


NASA Report CR-1205-1 shows that when temperatures inside the building rise over 29°C, productivity drops by 18% and accuracy suffers from a 40% increase in error.

The solution: evaporative cooling

To improve the summer micro-climate in an industrial building and to reach a good comfort level it is necessary to aerate the inside environment with cooled air and to grant many new air changes to neutralize the excessive heat present.

The continuous change of air prevents the accumulation of heat and avoids the excessive increase of the internal temperature.

An satisfactory result is obtained by granting at least 10 volumes per hour of the entire volume of the building to cool.

The air changes are necessary even to improve the internal environment hygiene levels, to eliminate eventual smells or particles harmful to people’s health, and to improve productivity and safety at work.

Evaporative cooling is the most modern technology for cooling and ventilating large buildings where the traditional air conditioning system would request high investments costs and large energy consumption.


How does evaporative cooling work?

The evaporative coolers permit to large premises to install a summer ventilation and cooling system to increase the comfort of people, increase the well-being and productivity, without committing to large capital investments, without incurring in high operating costs for energy consumption and without creating an environmental impact.

The evaporative coolers cool the air using a natural principle and not a mechanical one.


Evaporative cooling works by reducing the sensible heat contained in the air. The evaporation of the water that comes in contact with the treated air grants the reduction of the sensible heat of the same air:

the outside air passes through water wet cellulose pads, looses part of its heat due to the evaporation of the water and lowers its temperature.

The fan, installed inside the cooler, supplies the building with the resulting cooled air.


Evaporative cooling advantages in industrial premises

The absence of refrigerating units reduces the investment of 75% and reduces 90% of electrical consumptions, only needing the latter for the functionning of the fan, the plant dimensions are highly reduced and the installation, use and maintenance are simplified.


  • large volumes of air treated to grant many air changes
  • air cooling
  • possibility to only ventilate in the other seasons
  • possibility to manage the cooling effect by partial zones or by necessities for different zones
  • low cooling investments, use and maintenance costs
  • low energy needs
  • no refrigerant gas, no environment impact
  • improvement of the inside environment hygiene
  • increase of safety, productivity and quality of the work

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