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Impresind goes to China

Impresind made in ItalyfrecciaExport in Cina

IMPRESIND is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to export its industrial heating products to markets in the Far East.

China is a country with great opportunities, with a continuously growing market and a constant request for quality, innovative and technically advanced products. These are the reasons for which Impresind was chosen by a strong player in the industrial heating market that was looking for quality and high reliability products.

Tub-One radiant strips, Ray-Red radiant tubes, Eliturbo air mixers, Cold Air evaporative coolers, are all industrial heating and industrial cooling products designed and manufactured by Impresind that are very requested in the Chinese market, with great satisfaction from the customers.

All this makes us very proud as Italian and as Europeans. It encourages us to have greater attention to these markets, to develop products adapt to the global market and to strengthen our technical and commercial competitiveness.