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TubOne – Gas fired radiant strips.

The TUB?ONE? radiant strip is the most modern system to heat industrial, commercial and sports premises.

The?TUB?ONE? radiant strip is the most modern system to heat industrial, commercial and sports premises.
TUB?ONE? radiant strip is the most modern system for industrial and commercial premises heating. Radiant heating does not heat the air, but heats directly the people and surfaces, as same as the sun transfers its energy to the earth without warming the air. The use ofTUB?ONE? radiant strips permits to heat even specific areas and reduce the combustible consumption to the minimum.
TUB?ONE? is an independent system, it is alternative and cheaper than a traditional warm air or water system as it does not need a thermal station to be built, nor the installation of a boiler or plumbing network:?TUB?ONE? is installed directly in the use area.
TUB?ONE? is designed and manufactured by Impresind, it is a large dimensions machinery that develops in length and with different geometric solutions. 

HTSG System ? Impresind patent
The deep knowledge of technology, experience and entrepreneurs skills bring innovation and new solutions that make the difference compared with what is offered on the market. Impresind has designed, manufactured and patented a connection system between the tubes that avoids the movement of various components
of the radiant section structure
due to the thermal dilations.
A special device that permits
to the tubes to slide freely
without pushing or moving the
anchor points to the building.
Impresind is the only company that
offers this type of solution that grands major security on the work place and a better reliability of the system.


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  • Quick heating of the zone
  • Heating only at human height
  • Total, partial or differentiated heating
  • Static heating without movement of air
  • Independent system without the necessity of a central boiler
  • Fuel consumption reduction up to 50%
  • High efficiency, low emissions
  • Low installation, running and maintenance costs.