Heating, Ventilation and Cooling Equipment and Systems for Industry, Commerce, Logistics, Sport, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.

IMPRESIND offers a wide range of solutions for industrial heating, cooling and ventilation.

Technology development has always been oriented towards the search for innovative solutions aimed at saving energy and respecting environment.

Our products are designed and manufactured completely in italy, with the quality certification system uni en iso 9001:2015.


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features Innovation


features Made in Italy

Made in Italy

Quality garantee

Quality garantee

Pre-sale and after-sale support

Pre-sale and after-sale support

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International financial reliability

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Eliturbo UV-Light Air Sanitizer with UV-C Technology

Eliturbo UV-Light Air Sanitizer with UV-C Technology

From the research and development department of Impresind comes ELITURBO UV-LIGHT, the innovative air sanitization solution, that exploits the germicidal properties of UV-C technology against viruses and bacteria. It continuously sanitises the air in all environments – even in populated spaces – without the use of chemical sprays or ozone. Eliturbo UV-LIGHT is effective, certified, easy to install and competitively priced, suitable for any environment, from offices to commercial spaces, from healthcare facilities to industrial environments.

First official presentation of ELITURBO in Canada at EXPO QUEBECVERT

First official presentation of ELITURBO in Canada at EXPO QUEBECVERT

ELITURBO, the air destratification and mixer fan by IMPRESIND, will make its first official appearance in Canada at the EXPO QUEBECVERT, in Saint-Hyacinthe QC, from 3 to 5 November.

EXPO QUEBECVERT (ex Expo-FIHOQ) is the fair dedicated to the ornamental, environmental and nutritional horticulture sector. This fair brings together more than 250 exhibitors per year, spread across nearly 500 locations and receives around 6,000 visitors, all professionals from the horticultural sector.



The Eliturbo air mixer, designed and patented by Impresind, reduces air stratification and the accumulation of hot air near the ceiling in large buildings by distributing evenly the heat in the building.

Ventilation Impresind Eliturbo


The Tub-One radiant heating is the most modern and economical system, in alternative to hot water or warm air systems, for industrial heating.

Heating Impresind Tub One


Ray-Red radiant tubes, like the Tub-One radiant heating system, transmits heat by radiation and therefore offers immediate thermal comfort. The radiant heating system consumes an average of 30% less gas than a traditional warm air system.

 Impresind Ray Red

Industrial evaporative air cooler system

ColdAir adiabatic evaporative cooling is the most modern and most economical system for cooling industrial, commercial, sports and agricultural buildings. It reduces running costs of 90% compared to a traditional air conditioning system.

Industrial evaporative air cooler system Impresind Cold Air



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Designed and manufactured completely in Italy

Made in Italy

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