Air Mixing Case Study

“If you need to mix the air in your building and avoid stratified heat, Eliturbo Air Mixers are an excellent product to install…they are well worth the investment. I am sure they have saved us money heating our building considering how well they mix the air. Eliturbo is an excellent product, very effective and well built”
Ty Galbraith, General Manager

INTERWEST CABINET is family owned business that manufactures custom cabinets from 1986. It directs its business from Rexburg, Idaho. Website:

They installed 7 Eliturbo Air Mixers in 3 different buildings. Ty Galbraith (General Manager) says “the air mixers are working extremely well and we are very happy with them, they have done extremely well at keeping the heat from stratifying in our buildings in the winter and also at keeping them better ventilated in the summer”.

When we asked Ty what made our product stand out compared to competitor products, he replied “with standard ceiling fans it was unbearable to be close to the ceiling because the heat would build up so much. Now the temperature is consistent from floor to ceiling. The unique design was the first thing that caught my attention but the reasonable price and excellent customer service are what made me decide to buy the Eliturbo”.

“I was very impressed with the products and service that I received, I will definitely look to IMPRESIND for options on all of our HVAC needs”.

THANK YOU TY! It was a great pleasure to serve your company.