Air Mixing Case Study (Church Installation)

“We are unable to measure specific savings from the fans as they were part of a complete HVAC modernization.  Nonetheless, we do believe the Eliturbo does provide an energy savings”.

Was the investment worthwhile?
"Yes! You get comfortable even temperature without annoying drafts".

This Lutheran Church is serving its community in Moline, Illinois for more than 65 years with the objective of sharing the gospel. This Church was built in 1959 and it was time to undergo a complete HVAC modernization to keep the energy costs low and the people comfortable.

Property Chairman says “the Eliturbo Air Mixers are working extremely well and we are very happy with them, they have done extremely well at keeping the heat from stratifying in our buildings in the winter and also at keeping the people better ventilated in the summer”.

“The fans have been operating continuously since installation in October 2016 and are working flawlessly!”    

The Property Chairman told us too that “the main advantage these fans provided us is even temperature throughout the entire area, it quietly eliminates hot/cold spots without drafts and creates a comfortable environment for everyone in the Church”.

THANK YOU, HOLY CROSS! It was a great pleasure to serve you.