Industrial Evaporative Air Cooler System

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Evaporative air cooler adiabatic is the most modern, economical and ecological solution for cooling large buildings and industrial.

Industrial evaporative air cooler for the most modern, economical and ecological system for cooling large industrial, commercial, sports and agricultural buildings.

It has great advantages compared to a traditional industrial air conditioning systems:
ECONOMIC -75% installation costs, -90% running costs
ECOLOGICAL no refrigerant gas, only water, air and low energy consumption ventilators
MADE IN ITALY, guarantee of qualified support, immediate availability of spare parts.

industrial evaporative air cooler system COLDAIR

  1. 1. ColdAIR evaporative coolers
  2. 2. ColdAIR cooler characteristics
  3. 3. Why choose ColdAIR
  4. 4. The advantages of evaporative cooling
  5. 5. How ColdAir is assembled
  6. 6. How does evaporative cooling work?


Industrial evaporative air cooler - ColdAIR


The ColdAIR range of fixed evaporative coolers covers all the cooling needs of industrial, commercial, sports and agricultural buildings. the coolers are available as wall version, which can be installed on the wall or on the window, or roof version. the air flow ranges from 10,000 m³ / h to 30,000 m³ / h of cooled air.

wall cooler system


  • airflow between 10.000 m³/h and 20.000 m³/h
roof evaporative cooler


  • airflow between 10.000 m³/h and 13.000 m³/h
high capacity roof cooler


  • airflow between 20.000 m³/h and 30.000 m³/h

Adiabatic coolers explained characteristics - ColdAIR 

  • Low consumption electroventilators
  • Water loading system with solenoid valve
  • Water distribution system with electric pump
  • Evaporative pads with high saturation efficiency
  • Automatic water drain system
  • Periodic auto-cleaning system for the entire hydraulic circuit and evaporative pads
  • Brackets and positioning devices
  • Winter protection cover
  • Electronic control panel


Why choose ColdAIR

air change Large fresh air changes
gear system Partial or zone management cooling
piggy bank Installation cost reduction
money Running costs reduction
tools Low maintenance
increase Increase in productivity
healt"" Improvement of comfort and air hygene
made in italy Made in Italy

The advantages of evaporative cooling

Choosing an adiabatic evaporative cooler today is the best solution for cooling large rooms that require continuous air exchange

Efficient and affordable

The price of an evaporative cooler is up to 10 times lower than a traditional air conditioning system: not only in the purchase and installation but above all in saving water and energy for maintenance.

Effective in air exchange

Especially in environments that need to lower internal temperatures or in productions that release fumes, vapors and dust, it allows a constant air exchange with the unique advantage of being able to leave doors open.

Friend of environment and health

Taking advantage only of the principle of water evaporation, the adiabatic cooler does not use either gas or liquids, and reduces the operating costs of water and electricity.


How does evaporative cooling work?

Differing from a traditional air conditioning system, ColdAIR operates with "open doors" by inputting in the building new air and creating continuous air changes, in this way the building receives new oxygenated air and expells the exhausted air. The new air is cooled by an evaporative cooling system that does not use compressors nor refrigerant gases, it cools it through the water evaporation process that reduces the sensible heat of the air.
This allows to cool large volumes of air with very low energy consumption and a zero environment impact.

evaporative cooling

Health series novelty

After having cooled the external warm air, ColdAIR health series before inputting it into the building, purifies it thanks to a patented system designed by impresind.

The purification takes place inside the evaporating media through the photocatalysis of titanium dioxide which, exposed to sunlight, produces a high oxidizing effect on organic and inorganic substances. therefore, it reduces the harmful presence in the air of nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, atmospheric particles pm10 and organic molecules (reduction of bacterial load).

Test results performed at the university of turin by the department of chemistry, indicate for example a reduction of no of 60% and nox of 37%.

evaporative cooling system


ColdAIR evaporative cooling system


Suitable for medium / large buildings, it is a system that works in a dynamic way: it introduces large quantities of external air, cooled and purified into the building, and expels the exhausted hot air through doors, windows and other mechanical extraction devices.

evaporative cooling system


  • manufacturing and foundries
  • workshops
  • warehouses and storages
  • commercial premises
  • sport centers
  • exhibition pavillions
  • closed food markets
  • animal husbandry
  • greenhouses