Cold AIR

Air extrator fans for the ColdAIR evaporative cooling system

Cold AIR


EPA-ETA air extractor fans

Air extrator fans for the ColdAIR evaporative cooling system

EPA extractor
EPA extractor
ETA extractor
ETA extractor


The ColdAIR cooling system needs to be designed to supply cooled air in the building and to extract the exhausted air through natural openings, doors, windows, skylights or mechanical air extraction systems.

The extraction of a quantity of air equal to that supplied by the coolers is necessary to ensure the expected air changes, this will guarantee the cooling effect and avoid the increase of the relative humidity in the building.

To evacuate exhausted air through natural openings is needed approximately 1 sqm every 1.000 m3/h of supplied air.
If natural openings are not sufficient, mechanical air extractors must be installed to complete the evacuation of the exhausted air.


Air extraction fans characteristics

  • EPA – wall/window model – 10.000 m3/h to 13.000 m3/h
  • eta – roof model – 10.000 m3/h to 20.000 m3/h
  • overpressure damper
  • 3 speed fans
  • manual remote controller
EPA model
ETA model