Cold AIR

The evaporative coolers can be managed by remote controllers for single units or groups of units


Cold AIR


Electronic control systems


The ColdAIR evaporative coolers are equipped with an electronic control board that can be managed by remote controllers for single units, groups of units, building management systems (bms) and modbus systems.



Remote controller for single cooler

automatic remote controller

EVO – automatic remote controller

  • Weekly programmable
  • Automatic ventilator speed control
  • Automatic cooling/ventilation function
  • Automatic cleaning cycle
  • Temperature and humidity set point
  • Automatic switch off
  • 9 programmable schedules
manual remote control

ECO – manual remote controller

  • On/off switch
  • Manual ventilator speed control
  • Manual switch cooling/ventilation function
  • Automatic cleaning cycle


BMS OR MODbus remote control systems


CBS system

The CBS system allows to manage up to 30 coolers through a single control console installed in a main switch board panel, with the option to be managed through a computer.

With the CBS system it is possible to operate every single cooler with different settings or groups of coolers with the same settings according to the needs of zones in the building.

CBS system


Controllo remoto per la gestione di gruppi di raffrescatori


CABS system

The CABS system manages groups of maximum 5 coolers through a single remote controller.

With this system the coolers of the group all operate in the same mode.



Connection example with 1 router (max 5 coolers)
CABS system
Connection example with 2 router (max 9 coolers)
connection with router