Eliturbo Agri stable ventilation

To solve the problem of air exchange in stables and farms

Eliturbo Agri is an air mixer patented by Impresind to solve the problem of air exchange in stables and farms: it exchanges the internal air with clean air from the outside avoiding direct air currents on the animals.






The main problem is the lack of air changes needed to reduce the concentrations of ammonia vapours inside the barn and oxygenation of the air to improve the breathing of the animals. The state of wellbeing is strongly influenced by the microclimate in the barn, by the influence of the temperature, humidity and air speed. Great importance regards even other environmental parameters, such as the concentration of noxious gases, dusts and light. The hot season is the most critical period for the wellbeing and growth of the animal, so it is necessary to have a correct and effective ventilation.




Eliturbo Agri increases the air exchanges with the external air, bringing in clean and oxygenated air and expelling the exhausted air through the natural openings of the barn. This ventilation moves from the litter the noxious vapours generated by the animals improving their respiration and reducing the concentration of smells in the barn.
The singularity of the solution avoids direct draughts on the animal. The exhausted air of the environment is expelled through the side windows therefore eliminating the annoying and pungent odour caused by ammonia vapours.
Eliturbo Agri ventilation is distributed at low speed throughout the environment, it reduces the formation of condensation, keeps the floor and litter dry, avoids drips from the ceiling, avoids the formation of mould.
During the hot seasons it activates the exchange of ambient air with the external one through the barn openings and creating a more oxygenated ventilation.
The animals remain quieter and diminish considerably the phenomena of aggression and cannibalism (bites). You have the double advantage of having a lower mortality and not having to transfer the wounded animals in the barns used as infirmary.

Without Eliturbo

Without eliturbo the warm air accumulates toward the ceiling.

With Eliturbo

With eliturbo the warm air does not accumulate towards the ceiling.

Without Eliturbo

Without eliturbo the warm air is not distributed evenly in the building.

With Eliturbo

With eliturbo the warm air is distributed evenly in the building.


The Eliturbo Agri ventilation evenly distributes heat and humidity throughout the environment, avoids the stratification of hot air towards the upper part of the room, the formation of condensation on the floor, on the walls and on the ceiling. This ventilation does not generate annoying draughts and does not raise dust, improves the microclimate of the environment, reduces heat losses and in winter it provides an important energy saving (30%). Eliturbo Agri produces a long horizontal air throw (up to 10 m.) and thanks to the alternating directions of rotation it can distribute the warm air and humidity horizontally throughout the environment without the need to use air ducts. Eliturbo Agri is equipped with a circular protection structure that prevents accidental contact with the fan blades even for any birds present in the barn.

miscelatore d'aria


On the contrary, the traditional destratificators (ceiling fans) simply push the air from the ceiling to the floor, transferring all the humidity and smells below, without creating a real mixing of the air, but only by generating annoying draughts on the animals. Eliturbo Agri is an international patent of impresind.


Why choose Eliturbo

air changeLarge air recirculations thanks to the special patented impeller
soft ventilationIt does not produce annoying draughts by guaranteeing an almost imperceptible ventilation at the people’s level
air distributionDistributes the air in all the building without the need for air ducts
moneyReduces the stratification of the air consequently saving up to 40% energy consumption for heating
temperatureEvenly distributes both vertically and horizontally the air temperature and humidity in all the building
thumb upPre-assembled for easy installation




Model 2002

Eliturbo E.L.C. series ERP 2009/125 EU Reg.   2000 2002
Technical data        
Absorbed power P W 220 310
Electrical supply   V 230V-1_50Hz/400V-3_50Hz
Fan type Ceiling air mixer
Motor protection grade   IP 54/55
Blade version n. of blades 2 4
Total air movement*   m3/h 7500 10000
Fan speed   RPM 700 700
Fan flow rate F m3/min 82 110
Operating values SV (m3/min)/W 0.37 0.35
Stand-by electrical consumption Psb W NA NA
Average air speed C meters/sec 0.64 0.86
Sound power level LwA db(A) 62.5 64.1
Diameter Ø mm 680
Heigth h mm 560
Widht   kg 16 18
External finishing Epoxy powder paint
Measurement standard IEC60879 - EN ISO1680

* treated air + induced air