The Success Story of Hemphasis Srl BERGAMO

Agricultural Company Indoor cannabis cultivation has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to its multiple applications and the growing interest in CBD-based products.

However, growing it in closed environments is a delicate activity because we are dealing with plants that require constant temperature and humidity. Although greenhouses offer a certain degree of temperature, humidity, and light control, maintaining these variables within optimal ranges can be a challenging task.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure a stable and ideal environment for indoor hemp cultivation: any thermal fluctuations or drafts can seriously compromise the quantity and quality of the harvest.

ELITURBO is the ideal solution even for cannabis cultivation because it ensures proper air circulation with constant temperature and humidity in all areas, both vertically and horizontally.

The effectiveness of this solution has been daily confirmed by Hemphasis Srl Agricultural Company, specialized in indoor light hemp cultivation. Despite setting up compartmentalized environments inside industrial warehouses, electronically controlled air conditioning with ambient sensors at different heights, and the distribution of cold and warm air through micro-perforated fabric channels, the issue faced by the customer was the inability to achieve a uniform temperature throughout the environment.

The installation of ELITURBO air mixers solved Hemphasis's problem, reducing the consumption of air conditioning systems and also evening out the relative humidity percentage throughout the treated volume.

Moreover, the multidirectional ventilation produced by IMPRESIND air mixers helped strengthen the crops during growth, confirming ELITURBO as the optimal solution for energy savings and improved air circulation in medium and large industrial environments.

Impresind | Italian HVAC Solutions products are designed and entirely made in Italy, with a certified quality system according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.