30 years of Impresind

Born in 1982 in Milan, Impresind has immediately distinguished itself for its innovation and quality of its production.

IMPRESIND designs, manufactures and installs machinery and systems for industrial heating and cooling; more precisely it is specialised in radiant heating and evaporative cooling, that are ideal solutions for large industrial/commercial buildings.

The large experience gained during these years of designing systems for end users permitted to develop technologies and advanced solutions to heat and cool premises with minimum energy consumptions and very low emissions in the atmosphere.

Regarding the energy savings it is important to nominate the exclusive COLD AIR evaporative cooling system that, compared with a standard air conditioning system, reduces the investment and installation costs of “a fourth”, the energy consumptions of a tenth” and has a zero environmental impact.

Substantial economical advantages are in every product Impresind manufactures, as in the case of the TUB-ONE radiant strip (radiant heating) and of the ELITURBO air mixer (a fan patented by Impresind that recovers the heat near the roof of the building by destratifying the air with two directional movements).

30 years of conscious efforts have granted IMPRESIND with important orders from prestigious Customers, rewarding the work “100% made in Italy” that the company always applied to maintain high the level of quality, differentiating itself from the majority of the products offered today on the global market.


Happy birthday IMPRESIND