80 COLD AIR adiabatic evaporative coolers in Bangladesh

IMPRESIND once again confirms its worldwide presence by selling products in Bangladesh.


An important Bangladeshi company in the Textile industry, manufactures clothing for well known international fashion brands, had the objective to improve the efficiency of its production department of 5 floors with more than 3.000 workers.


Previous situation


Until today they only used mechanical extraction fans to grant air changes in the building.

The external temperature in Bangladesh can be extreme especially in the summer season where it can reach 40°C with a relative humidity over 50%, so by granting only air changes you cannot reach a satisfying comfort level and this affected the production efficiency.


By installing our ColdAir adiabatic evaporative coolers this customer reached amazing results, other than granting large air changes in the building he reduced the inside operational temperature improving working conditions with great satisfaction and increased comfort of the workers.


Designing the solution


After analyzing the particular climate of Bangladesh, Impresind designed a solution with 80 ColdAir adiabatic evaporative coolers for wall installation; model FPA159 that would cool a total area of 7.500sqm. The cooling capacity given is equal to 1500kW with an installed electrical power of 100kW/h.


Assuring customer satisfaction


Impresind wanted to make sure that the customer was completely satisfied by the solution provided so we sent our technicians to Bangladesh and together with the customer visited the installation and confirmed the excellent results achieved with ColdAir adiabatic evaporative coolers.


The developments


Due to the complete satisfaction of the client, they have confirmed that they will install ColdAir adiabatic evaporative coolers for all other current buildings/facilities and future projects of the company’s expansion.


Our greatest satisfaction is that Bangladesh appreciates and applied high quality products to improve working conditions and have chosen our country and the ‘Made in Italy’ branding. By choosing IMPRESIND, which has been on the market from more than 30 years and manufactures only HIGH QUALITY ITALIAN products, they have fully satisfied their needs.


Impresind’s entrance in the Bangladesh market with ColdAir adiabatic evaporative coolers is a further development of our product’s presence in Asia. As a result, increasing visibility and distribution of more ‘Made in Italy’ technologies around the world.

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