Evaporative cooling: how it works and why it is convenient

When the heat is high, the production decreases.

When summer arrives all workers suffer the heat the creates inside the industrial buildings, especially in warehouses and production halls where there is no air conditioning as in the offices.

Usually the internal temperature inside a warehouse is higher than the external temperature and in a production hall the situation is worst because the heat is added to the one created by the production plants.

This heat creates a hostile working environment, with low productivity and high risk of injuries.

The first thought could be to open doors and windows the try the aerate the premises. Many times this is not sufficient because the external heat does not grant the effect desired, especially if there is no air movement.

“It would be great if there would be a fresh wind to move this hot air” the workers say.

The issue

How is it possible to grant at the same moment the necessary air changes in an industrial building, make the inside environment more livable, without having to make a high investment and without polluting?

The solution: evaporative cooling

Evaporative cooling allows to rigenerate the internal environment of the building inputting always new filtered air at the same moment cooler of 5-10°C of the external temperature, this permits to substitute the hot wasted air inside the premises with clean and cool air.

How does evaporative cooling work?

Evaporative coolers cool the premises by making external warm air pass through filters wet with water that take advantage of the natural evaporation principle and manage to this air, then they input the latter into the building using a fan, this grants the necessary air changes in a working environment and through the “sea breeze” effect they create a comfortable environment to work in.


Impresind evaporative coolers respect the environment.

Evaporative coolers are ecological, they don’t use refrigerant gases but they only use water and a small amount of electricity just to work a fan.

The running cost is about €2 per day for each cooler.

The installation is simple and cheap and it is possible to use existing windows or doors for the necessary ventilation to grant the air changes. If you don’t want or it is not possible to open doors and windows it is possible to install mechanical air extractor to grant the ventilation and the air change of the inputted air.

Evaporative coolers are the future for employees wellness at work

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