How does radiant heating work for large spaces in industries, commercial buildings, livestock farming, and agriculture?

Radiant heating with panel systems is the most modern and efficient system because it doesn't produce hot air but directly transfers heat to surfaces and people, just like the sun transfers its energy to the Earth without heating the air. The radiant panel system is a standalone system that doesn't require the construction of a central heating plant or a hydraulic circuit, making it much more cost-effective compared to traditional industrial heating systems using hot water or hot air. Another significant advantage of using radiant heating is that it allows for heating only specific areas, minimizing fuel consumption.

The TUB-ONE® radiant panel system is entirely designed and built in Italy by us. It consists of a combustion unit that produces thermal energy through the combustion of natural gas or LPG, and various radiant sections that are modularly connected to form the circuit that distributes heat in the environment.

The TUB-ONE® radiant heating system perfectly adapts to any environment, following the necessary geometries. The combustion unit can be installed both inside and outside the building.

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