Impresind is an active member in the European Committee for Standardization for the definition of new standards in safety and efficiency

Impresind is active in the community standardization work at CEN (European Committee for Standardization) as an Italian delegate on behalf of UNI-CIG-CTI-ANIMA-ASSOTERMICA.
Impresind is committed, in particular, in the definition of a new standard on gas radiant tubes and tapes (Ray-Red and Tub-One) about safety and radiant efficiency as a member of the WG3 Working Group in scope of the CEN-TC180.

This European Standard specifies the requirements and test methods for the construction, safety, rational use of energy, classification and marking of nondomestic gas-fired overhead radiant strips and continuous radiant tube heater systems. Standardise radiant strips, merge parts safety and energy efficiency, incorporate new technical developments and technologies, describe advanced method to determine radiant efficiency, incorporate definitions and requirements of Ecodesign Regulation No. EU 2015/1188 about Local Space Heaters, incorporate basic requirements of new Gas Appliance Regulation.

Linee di prodotto: Tub-One Ray-Red