Paddle and Indoor Sports: The Benefits of Proper Air Conditioning

Paddle is a fascinating sport that combines elements of tennis and racquetball and has been experiencing a real boom in recent years.

With a steady growth in the number of participants worldwide, Paddle has gained considerable popularity due to its engaging and enjoyable nature.

The smaller court size compared to traditional tennis makes Paddle highly suitable for indoor spaces, facilitating year-round practice. It is therefore essential to ensure that dedicated sports facilities, including Paddle, are adequately heated and cooled to provide safe and comfortable playing conditions.

One key element in ensuring optimal thermal comfort in sports environments is the presence of air conditioning systems, allowing indoor sports enthusiasts to fully enjoy the benefits of physical activity and maintain an overall sense of well-being.

During intense physical activity in an environment that is too hot or too cold, without the support of an appropriate cooling system, heat buildup can lead to a rapid increase in body temperature, compromising performance and increasing the risk of heat stroke or fatigue. On the other hand, a too cold environment can limit muscle flexibility and increase the risk of injuries.

An optimal air conditioning system can maintain a constant and comfortable temperature inside sports facilities, allowing athletes to perform at their best without worrying about the negative effects of poor microclimate management.

Proper thermal comfort contributes to improved air circulation, compensates for excessive humidity, and ensures an environment free of odors and pollutants.

Air quality

During physical activity, respiratory rate increases, and athletes inhale and exhale large amounts of air. The supply of clean air becomes, therefore, of primary importance for sports environments. A good air conditioning system, by filtering suspended particles in the air, reduces the presence of allergens, dust, and pollutants that could also compromise the health of sports practitioners.

Clean air improves breathing, concentration, and overall well-being, making it a crucial factor in creating a clean and odor-free environment. It also helps prevent the risk of respiratory irritations, promotes better lung health, and allows athletes to maintain optimal performance during sports activities that could negatively impact their performance.

Our adiabatic cooling system, COLD AIR, represents an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for regulating the microclimate of sports facilities and improving players' comfort by providing optimal ventilation.

The COLD AIR system introduces outside air into the environment, cooling and purifying it through water evaporation, without the use of energy-consuming compressors and polluting refrigerant gases. It generates constant air circulation, preserving the healthiness of the sports structure while containing energy costs.
COLD AIR is also equipped with a patented filtration technology (HEALTH SYSTEM) that activates the photocatalysis of Titanium Dioxide to reduce inorganic pollutants in the atmosphere, such as SO, NO, Nox, CO, PM 10, PM 5, and organic molecules.

Humidity regulation

Regulating humidity levels is another important aspect to consider for athletes' comfort. Excessive humidity can make the air sticky and saturated, compromising the body's cooling capacity through sweating. In a too humid environment, athletes may experience greater discomfort, early fatigue, and a feeling of heaviness. Moreover, high humidity can promote the growth of mold and fungi, which can damage structures and cause respiratory problems. On the contrary, in a too dry environment, sweat evaporates quickly, leaving the skin dry and increasing the risk of dehydration.
Additionally, dry air can contribute to increased irritation of the respiratory tract, making breathing more difficult during intense physical activity.

To prevent temperature fluctuations and maintain a constant and healthy humidity level, our air mixer ELITURBO represents the most suitable solution to create a comfortable environment, preventing discomfort resulting from excessive or insufficient humidity.

ELITURBO, thanks to its special patented impeller by IMPRESIND, prevents the stratification of warm air at the ceiling, producing laminar airflows along the walls that prevent condensation formation, typical dripping in tensostatic structures, thermal shocks, and evenly distributes temperature and humidity, improving the playing conditions without directing harmful airflows onto the players and without producing annoying background noise.

Discover all the advantages of our products COLD AIR, ELITURBO, and TUB ONE to create the right microclimate in your sports facility.

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