The "Made in Italy" value

In the last decade we assisted to an invasion of Asian products in the European market.

Many companies started to import Chinese manufactured products to try to be more competitive.

But often the very low price of the Chinese products comes with low quality and hidden costs that with passing time affects negatively the maintenance and running costs of the system.

Are you sure that buying a Chinese product is a good investment?

Why an Impresind product, designed and manufactured 100% in Italy is the best choice you can make?

Presales Support

Purchasing an Italian product means that you can count on the advice of qualified Designers that are able to evaluate with you the best solution for your needs for heating and cooling, always following the European norms and regulations.

Impresind supports its customers and helps them choose the most adapt solution by designing the systems and products in an optimum way to meet the comfort needs of the end user.

The support of qualified personnel helps to optimize investments, without wasting money!

Postsales Support

Purchasing an IMPRESIND product means that you can count on the direct support and warranty of the manufacturer that has a 360° knowledge of the product.

In necessary cases Impresind is available to evaluate to modify its products to permit the customer to obtain the maximum from the purchased system.

And if the problem is urgent, there are no major problems of time zones! Our technical support replies in short time, giving guarantee to always have efficient systems. No more blocks for weeks!

Spare parts are always available.

In case of maintenance to the units, IMPRESIND’s spare parts are always available rapidly.

Norms and regulations respect

A product designed and manufactured in the European Community to be put on the market has to pass rigid tests and controls. Only if it passes all the tests and controls it is CE certified. Its a guarantee for the European customer that can purchase a CE certified product in total safety without incurring in unexpected risks.

Advanced technology

Our Research and Development Department is our bright star. Every day they study improving solutions to supply to the customer product with a state of the art technology, always higher efficiency and reliability.

Number ONE for sales in Italy, the Impresind cooling products are available with an innovative BUS network connection technology that permits to command the cooling system directly from your desk. All the useful information of the products directly on your computer thanks to the network connection of the products.

We are European

Last but not less important, by buying a product made in Italy you sustain the European economy and you help creating a better future for all our children.