The photocatalytic effectiveness of COLD AIR HEALTH

Photochemical smog is a particular air pollution that occurs on days characterized by weather conditions of stability and strong insolation.

Perhaps not everyone knows that the PM10 emissions level of industrial facilities is comparable to that of road transportations.

People who work or live in industrialized areas are therefore, often unconsciously, subject to heavy pollution of the air they breathe, which takes on an even more negative aspect in light of the fact that rarely exist air filtration or purification system in closed environments, like offices or production departments.

At IMPRESIND we care about the quality of the air we breathe, and for this reason we studied, designed and manufactured a new line of evaporative coolers, the “HEALTH series”.













The COLD AIR “HEALTH” evaporative coolers purify the air taken outside before introducing it into the environment. This occurs thanks to a system designed and patented by IMPRESIND.

The powerful oxidative process, activated by photocatalysis, leads to the breakdown of polluting substances and bacteria present in the air, transforming both organic and inorganic pollutants into inorganic salts, i.e. soluble and harmless.

The photocatalytic effectiveness of COLD AIR HEALTH evaporative coolers is activated by the  natural sunlight, enhancing, even with a few lumens, their excellent anti-polluting, anti-odor, self-cleaning and bacteriostatic properties.