Ray Red

Gas fired radiant tube heaters

Fired radiant tubes for heating industrial, commercial and sport buildings.

Ray Red


Ray Red gas fired radiant tubes



Ray Red radiant tubes transmit heat by radiation, through electromagnetic waves in the invisible infrared range. The propagation of electromagnetic waves, that carry thermal energy and that permit the transmission of heat by radiation, takes place in a direct line at the speed of light. Ray Red radiant tubes heat people and objects directly and offer immediate thermal comfort, without air movement. Ray Red radiant tubes are gas-operated appliances with which it is possible to manage the heating in the building both autonomously and individually, based on the different needs of the operational zones.

Ray Red radiant tube
Ray Red radiant tube
Ray Red radiant tube

Gas fired radiant tube characteristics

  • Closed vacuum radiant circuit
  • Natural gas and lpg atmospheric burner
  • Stainless steel internal combustion chamber
  • Forced discharge of flues
  • Automatic double block gas valve
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Air pressure switch used for air combustion control
  • Easy service access while operating
  • Epoxy powder paint protection for burner box
  • Stainless steel chimneys
  • Galvanized steel supports and brackets
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Quick electrical connectors
  • External air intake for combustion
  • Brightened and hammered galvanized aluminium reflector
  • Single or group control systems


Why choose Ray Red

thumb upEasy installation
gearPartial or zone management heating
radiant efficiencyHigh radiant efficiency
moneyDecrease of gas consumption
toolsMinimum maintenance required
fast heatQuick and comfortable heating
radial tubeHigh emissive factor tubes