Gas fire radiants strips

Tub One

The Tub One Gas fire radiants is the most modern system for heating large industrial, commercial, sports and agricultural buildings.

Tub One


Tub One gas fired radiant strips


Radiant heating heats directly the surfaces and people without heating the air in the building, the same way the sun heats earth without heating the atmosphere. The use of Tub One radiant strips allows the possibility of heating only specific zones of the building and decreases the gas consumption.

Stainless steel combustion group
Stainless steel combustion group
Radiant modules
Radiant modules
HTSG system
HTSG system

It is an independent system and is cheaper to run than a traditional industrial hot water and warm air heating system; it does not need the installation of a thermal power plant or of a boiler, and not even a hydraulic circuit installation. Tub One is installed directly in the operating zone. It is designed and manufactured by impresind. Is has large power capacity, it covers great lengths and can be designed with different shapes.

Tub One



  • Natural gas and lpg atmospheric burner with multi-stages, high thermal efficiency, low nox emissions
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Thermal fluid ricirculation system
  • Electronic ignition system, emc filter
  • Automatic double block gas valve, class a
  • Air pressure switch for combustion air control
  • On board electronic controller
  • Forced discharge of flu
  • Stainless steel external structure
  • Stainless steel support bracket and exhaust systems
  • Ip44 electrical protection
  • Possibility to install the combustion group inside, outside, on the roof, wall, window




Why choose Tub One

houseGas network and burners outside the building
gearPartial or zone management heating
moneyDecrease of gas consumption
toolsBurner maintenance outside the building
fast heatQuick and comfortable heating
controllerPossibility to be controlled by bms or modbus systems