Tub-One is a heating system modular, efficient and quick to install

Tub One

Tub One


Radiant heating


TUB ONE GAS FIRED RADIANT STRIPS from 35kw to 300kw. CE certified complying to EN 416-1 standard and 2016/426 GAR regulation.
Tub One is composed by a combustion group and various radiant sections that, united together in a modular way, form the circuit that heats the building surface and people. The combustion group can be installed inside or outside the building, it produces the thermal energy through the combustion of natural gas or lpg and distributes it inside the radiant circuit through a recirculation system that keeps constant the temperature of the radiant tubes.

Tub One is a modern, efficient and fast-installation radiant heater thanks to the special modular system designed by IMPRESIND.

Stainless steel combustion group
Stainless steel combustion group
Combustion group installed inside the building
Combustion group installed inside the building
Combustion group installed outside the building
Combustion group installed outside the building


  • Quick heating
  • Heat only at people’s height without movement of air total, partial or zone heating air
  • Total, partial or zone heating
  • Independent industrial heater, without the need for a thermal power plant
  • Patented htsg system that compensated thermal dilations without the need for dilation joints
  • Reduction of gas consumption up to 50%
  • High efficiency, low emissions
  • Possibility of changes in the layout and to move the heating system easily to another building


Models RCF35 RCF50 RCF80 RCF100 RCF150 RCF200 RCF300s*
Thermic input (lhv/hhv) [kW] 35/39 50/55 80/89 100/111 150/67 200/220 265/295
Length [m] 20-30 30 50-70 50-70 70-90 80-120 80-130
Natural gas consumption [m3/h] 3.65 5.25 8.50 10.40 15.60 20.80 28.20
Lpg consumption [kg/h] 2.75 3.85 6.00 7.60 11.00 15.00 -
V/Hz 230/50 230/50 400/50 400/50 400/50 400/50 400/50
* Model with pressure burner