Tub One

The radiant modules are joined together through a special modular system designed by Impresind

Tub One


The radiant modules of the Tub One radiant strip, joined together through a modular system designed by Impresind, form the radiant circuit that distributes the heat in the building. The radiant sections can be linear, curved for variation of direction or altitude, "t" shape, "y" shape, double or single tube circuit.

Impresind's patented connection between tubes for radiant strips
Impresind’s patented connection between tubes for radiant strips
They are connected with the special htsg system patented by Impresind.

Impresind has designed, manufactured and patented a tube connecting system that does not need the use of silicone and screws. This solution grants the perfect tightness of the joints and compensates for the thermal dilations, without the need to use dilation joints.

HTSG System in fact allows the movement of the pipes without pushing and moving the radiant sections of the circuit. This device is an exclusive of Tub One that guarantees more safety in the workplace and a greater reliability of the industrial heating system.


  • Tubes and bends made of aluminized steel with a surface finishing
  • Galvanized steel support structure
  • Prepainted galvanized steel side panels
  • Top and side thermal insulators with reflecting properties
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